In big cities, people are increasingly aware of the importance of personal health which then extends to animal health and animal welfare. Of course, the presence of a veterinarian or veterinary hospital support this condition. One of them is Junaluska Animal Hospital that exists until now. 

The Definition of Animal Hospital

Veterinary hospital is a place of business for veterinary medical services which is run by a management led by a responsible veterinarian and has facilities for observing animals that have certain health problems.

Usually, in a veterinary hospital, there are various services and facilities to support the process of pet care and treatment. These facilities are service rooms, medical equipment, practice support equipment, X-Ray support, laboratory services, laboratory equipment, and completeness of surgical instruments.

Animals also need care and treatment to avoid spreading diseases in their bodies. Another goal is to make the pet’s health more stable. In addition, you also need to maintain the health of pets so that your environment is healthier.

Some Reasons Why You Should be a Veterinarian

The presence of a veterinary hospital is important for animal lovers. Commonly, pets will receive treatment according to established procedures and methods. Maybe some of you want to devote yourself to being one of the veterinarians. Then, what are the reasons? Why is this work important?

Want to Help Treat Injured Animals

For those of you who have a high social spirit and are interested in or often help treat injured animals in the surrounding environment, becoming a veterinarian is a profession that suits you. Improving the social spirit in you is not everyone’s ability. If you have it then it is very suitable to be a veteran.

Besides that, if you have an interest or love for things related to animals, then the veterinary profession can be the right career choice because you will definitely enjoy the job because you like animals. This is the shortcut that most people choose.

Is a Noble Profession

Keep in mind that by becoming a veterinarian you can help many injured or sick animals. It is a noble thing to do and rewarding. By serving the community, you can participate in the health of the environment and the lives of animals and humans.

Even so, there are still many people who don’t want to become a veterinarian because they feel disgusted or something. In fact, the existence of a veterinarian is very helpful for pet lovers. No wonder many people consider this work very noble.

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A Rare Profession

It is still very rare to find veterinarians who practice in the community. Therefore, one more veterinarian will provide additional medical personnel to help sick and injured animals. In fact, the existences of animal lovers themselves are quite a lot.

In addition, the distribution of veterinary hospitals is also uneven. This is what causes this profession to be very rare. In addition, the needs of the community are increasing over time. No wonder so many people are looking for the existence of this veterinary hospital

Very Good Job Prospect

The reason for becoming a veterinarian next is that the job prospects are very good. Besides that, it is necessary to know that the veterinary profession in Indonesia is still rarely encountered by people. However, it is not balanced with the increasing number of animal owners every time.

Therefore, the income obtained can be very large and you can become your own boss by opening your own practice. If you can see the target and the environment in which the clinic is, the prospects you can get is even greater. You can also develop the clinic in various areas.

Services at Junaluska Animal Hospital

Just like hospital services in general, Junaluska also provides several services that you can use as an animal lover. You can also check for diseases that may infect the animal’s body. Here are three main services that you can get in this hospital, such as:

Testing & Diagnosis

If you own a pet, you may be able to tell when it’s not feeling well. But figuring out why is tricky. Through laboratory and diagnostic tests, their team dedicates all of their skill to give you a complete picture of your pet’s health.

If you are worried about making a diagnosis on your pet because you don’t know the procedure, it’s better to come directly to the animal hospital. Here, there are many services that you can get in testing and diagnosis. The services are blood & lab test, radiology, ultrasound, electrocardiogram, and many more.

Wellness & Prevention

Without preventive treatment, small changes in an animal’s health or behavior may go unnoticed since many animals are skilled at masking symptoms of a problem. The therapeutic philosophy at Junaluska Animal Hospital emphasizes early diagnosis and treatment as a means of prevention. 

They would be honored to work alongside you to ensure that your pet lives a long, fulfilling, and healthy life. There are several services you can use for wellness and prevention, such as wellness exam, vaccines, dental care, puppy & kitten care, nutritional counseling, allergies & dermatology, etc.


There are not just heavy services available at this animal hospital. You can also get services in the form of bathing your pet with the right procedure. In addition to providing calming pet baths for dogs and cats at Junaluska Animal Hospital, we also provide medicated baths for those that require a little more care. 

They provide baths, nail trimming, ear cleanings, and anal expressions. By keeping our pets clean, we also keep their environment healthy and clean. This also has an impact on you, because the direct contact between the animal and its owner becomes healthier.

That was information related to Junaluska Animal Hospital and some important services and reasons to become a veteran. Every job has a big responsibility. It’s the same as being a veteran. Fulfill the requirements first in order to be as desired.

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